Power Line and Substation Construction

Max Haivo Eletcrical offers world class service in electrical installations, repairs and maintenance that has changed and upgraded many sectors of the economy such as mining sector, agricultural sector , civil and construction sector , rural electrification and urban electrification.

Max Haivo electrical has qualified employees that have vast experience in the electrical engineering field.

Max Haivo offers the following services in the electrical construction sector:-

132kv line construction tower construction
33kv line construction overhead wood /concrete
11kv line construction wood/ concrete overhead
LT6 line construction wood overhead
LT8 line construction concrete overhead
132kv – 11kv substation ground mounted
33kv – 11kv substation ground mounted
33kv/LV/MV substations ground mounted
11kv -lv/mv substation pole and ground mounted
HV AND LV/MV cabling underground
copper replacement
pole replacement
substation maintenance
wayleave or bush clearihng
industrial electrical installation
domestic electrical installation